T. Adair Enterprises

T. Adair Enterprises, LLC is a project-based social enterprise whose mission is to solve problems through creative, innovative and effective products and services that inspire, enhance, teach, build and restore the lives of people.

A portion of profits will be donated to nonprofit organizations and causes that we are passionate about.


Mommy, Will You
Play with Me?

is a relational book that promotes the healing and building of parent-child relationships.

Mommy Will You Play With Me?

• Book Mommy, Will You Play with Me?
• Book readings & poetry interpretation
• Speaking
• Writing projects (creatve & content)
• Personal, educational, youth, family & community consulting
• Workshop, program & event developer, organizer & host
• Voice over recording & acting


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Tierashia Adair

TAE Founder


Tierashia Adair is the Founder and CEO of T. Adair Enterprises. She is dedicated to serving people with her gifts, talents and skills through the services and products that are offered. These products and services empower and elevate people in their personal, family, spiritual, educational and career lives.

Tierashia is a problem solver and loves helping others solve problems in the various contexts of their lives. She is able and equipped to successfully connect with and impact people from all walks of life, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

She has appeared as a guest on podcasts and a talk show, been interviewed for magazines and has won the Empowering Boss Award for Author of the Year. She is also the Founder and CEO of the nonprofit organization, AMOL: A Message of Love, whose mission is to invest in the WHOLE girl: spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual.