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When “I Love You” is not Reciprocated

Mother Arguing With Teenage Son At Home

There’s something gravely wrong. You and your child are no longer clicking. The child who once always said he/she loves you, no longer will return your words. Instead you get the cold shoulder in response of your doting words and maybe, maybe not a cold and annoyed look.

You ask yourself as a parent, “What did I do? Where did things go wrong?”

Your initial response might be to pull your parenting “I’m lord over you” card and demand a response OR to become somewhat dramatic, asking, “What have I done? Why don’t you love me? All that I have done, the sacrifices I’ve made…Waah! Waah! Waah!”

I have experienced the failure to return “I love you” with my oldest child several times. Sometimes, I was very hurt and felt very emotional and other times, I have been cool, calm and collected.

Relationships require continuous work. Relational trials are continual. They come and go. There are ups and downs. Sometimes you’re smooth sailing and other times you’re on rocky turf. No matter what the present state of your relationship is like with your child, do NOT give up. Keep fighting for the success of your relationship with your child/children. It’s worth it.

Join the conversation. Have you ever experienced a child’s failure to return your “I love you” or affection that you give him? How did you feel? What did you do?

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